a collective deep breath

Sometimes, I wish everyone – the whole world – would stop and take a collective deep breath. Let’s all be still, just for a second. Look up at the clouds and make shapes, listen to the silence or linger at the dinner table. Have nothing to do and just be.

Sounds idealistic, I know.

I learned something about myself in the past few weeks: most of the time, I’m waiting for that ideal scenario – you know, the one where everyone slows down to breathe – to become a reality. Then, I think, then I’ll have time to really enjoy life. Then, I’ll have time to pursue passions and dreams. When all the menial, daily tasks and obligations of life cease, that’s when the fun really starts. A clear schedule, a blank slate, that’s what I really need.

It’s amazing the ideal has survived this long when in my almost 28 years of life that’s never. actually. happened. ever. Not once has there been a season with absolutely nothing going on. Not once have I ever said, “When this (insert very time consuming aspect of life here) is over, then I’ll feel better” and had that statement actually come true. Life is motion, yet I’ve honestly still been expecting it to slow down at some point.

I can’t believe that lie anymore. It’s not good for my heart. There’s a desperate longing in my soul for True Rest that I’ve been trying to feed with a deceptive hope of a clear schedule.

So, I’m trying to pay attention. I’m trying to watch my Jesus, to see how he does it, how he works and rests. I’m asking him to show me the unforced rhythms of grace, in assured hope that He is the true rest my soul has been longing for.


little pockets of light

Happy June!

Summer is here, and I can already feel my heart and soul slowing down a little.

I’m trying to pay attention in these next few months, to keep an eye out for those small, seemingly insignificant moments, songs, smells, that refresh my soul and bring me joy. I don’t want to miss the little moments of summertime happy that pop up right in front of my face.

They’re like little pockets of light in my days. Some are thought-provoking, and some are just plain fun, but I’m learning to embrace how they all make me feel a little more like myself.

In case you’re needing a little pocket of light on this first day of June, here are a few of my recent favorites:

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap

I told you, nothing extraordinary here. But, every time I wash my hands, I just take a deep breath of lavender (or peony!) and all feels right in the world. I’ve recently started using Grove Collaborative* to buy some of my household cleaning items (including Mrs. Meyers everything), and I’m loving it.

Justin Timberlake

Because try to watch this music video without smiling. Go on, try.

Trader Joe’s Treats

Currently defined as peonies, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Because, of course. It’s like a paper bag of happiness.


Penny & Sparrow, Let a Lover Drown You

This album, seriously. If you love gorgeous music and deep lyrics, go have a listen.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.55.45 PM

Out of Sorts, by Sarah Bessey

This book has been speaking straight to my heart. Sarah is a gorgeous writer and invites you into her story of faith in such a humble, transparent, challenging way. In a season of unknown, her words have been a sweet companion through the wilderness.

Salt, Nayyirah Waheed

I recently bought Waheed’s book of poetry, Salt. I’ll admit I haven’t read a ton of poetry, but goodness, I’m loving it. She can say more in a sentence that I could say in an entire book.


Savor, by Shauna Niequist

Shauna is one of my favorite authors and her devotional, Savor, has been out for about a year. And for a year, her short essays have been a gracious, encouraging, thought-provoking way to start my mornings.

The West Wing Weekly Podcast

This last one – for all you Aaron Sorkin / West Wing lovers out there – is a weekly favorite of mine. It’s hosted by Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway, and I basically nerd out every week as they pick apart each episode of The West Wing. We did the math last night, and with 7 seasons to go through they’ll be doing the podcast for about three years. Good news for all Sorkin fans.

Happy summer! What are some of your favorites lately?

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for the graduates

My small group girls graduated college this weekend.


… what?

I can barely take it. My heart is the definition of bittersweet – I am swelling with pride of how they’ve grown into young women, I’m sitting-on-the-edge-of-my- seat excited about their next adventures, and I’m also aching at the end of this season.

It’s been four years of Tuesday nights at 8:30. It’s been countless cups of coffee and salty oat cookies to go with our highs and lows. Each week we piled on couches and looked each other in the eyes and shared dreams and asked hard questions and prayed.

We laughed and went to concerts and had sleepovers and ate meals together. We fell more in love with this man named Jesus, and eventually, we fell in love with each other.

We became a family. All I know is that I now have eight really wonderful, hilarious, amazingly weird, and passionate sisters and friends. And all I did, all any of us did, was choose to show up for each other. Week after week, for four years.

What a gift.



I’ve written them notes and we’ve been talking about this transition for months, but goodness, it feels like such a big one. And, I have a few things left to say – for them, for myself, for anyone walking into something that feels big and uncertain and exciting and terrifying all at the same time:

It is all of those things: uncertain, exciting, terrifying.

And I think it’s supposed to be. Such is a life of faith.

When the disciples asked Jesus where he was going, he didn’t give them a roadmap or a 10-step plan. He offered Himself.

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.”

He is the best thing. He is better than accomplishments or getting your dream job or life working out exactly as you plan. He is your ultimate reward.

Follow Him. Walk with Him, and He’ll lead you right where you are, right where you need to be.

Once you’re there? Dive in.

Just like we did with each other for four years, show up. Fully, in your right-now, daily life. Right where you are, for the people you’re with, for the work God puts in your hands.

Don’t wait for your real life to start once you’ve got it all figured out. No one has it all figured out.

Your real life is happening, go live it.

Remember where you true identity lies.

It’s not in performance, success, failure, relationship status or titles. It’s not in approval, number of likes, or possessions.

You are Beloved. You are a daughter. You are His. You belong.

Choose compassion over comparison. Don’t look to the right or to the left – everyone is on a journey. Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Remember that everyone is carrying a story. Be kind – to others, to yourself.

Take risks, see the world, dance in your kitchen, laugh often.

Look others in the eye and listen. Let them teach you, mold you, grow you.

Love Jesus with all you have, and empty yourself to love others.

This is life, in all of its beauty and wrestling and mountain-tops and valleys.

You’re gonna love it.