day 14: start with gratitude

Here’s what I know today: gratitude is a choice. I’ll be honest – my heart is still heavy from events of the past week – but I’m looking for ways to move forward. I’m looking for flashes of light in the darkness. For me, gratitude is what’s helping me sit in the tension – the tension of a bitter and sweet reality. It’s forcing me to acknowledge the light along with the darkness. Our world holds both simultaneously, and there can’t be one without the other. I’m working to be more honest, to see both and acknowledge both in my heart. I’m working to start with gratitude.

Here’s a few things from the past few days that I’m thankful for:

  • Celebrating the birthday of a long-time friend. We’ve know each other for 10 years, and it’s so sweet that we still get to live daily life with each other. That’s been one of my favorite things about getting older – having friendships that have endured through many seasons of life.
  • Gorgeous Austin weather. Taylor and I spent a few hours at a park close to our house on Sunday afternoon soaking in the sunshine and cool breezes. It was the best.
  • Backyard patio lights, and dreams of cozy crisp nights hanging out with friends on our back porch.
  • Friends who invite us over for drinks and a bonfire on Sunday night.
  • Honest conversations with old and new friends about the events of the past week, about how we respond, about what it looks like to truly engage and make this affect our lives.
  • Words that remind me that I’m loved. That my primary identity is not wrapped up in what I do, but in my identity as a loved daughter of God.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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