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As you may have guessed by now, I’m a fan of writing. I love it. I love how it helps me see the world in a deeper way. I love how it gets me past surface-level thinking on myself, how it helps me to uncover layers in my heart that I didn’t know were there. I love how it helps me process who God is and know him more intimately.

But most of all, I love writing because God gave me the ability to write.

He gave me this desire, this longing to write down stories of life and people and how I see him working and moving. And because of that, my ability to write is sacred to me. It’s not to be used carelessly or for selfish motives. No, my only response to this gift can be to give it back, to give it away, to use the words I’m given to restore and uplift and encourage and speak life.

This blog was the first step, and my first experience in writing for others. But it didn’t take me long to realize that this blog was not the end. There was stirring inside me… a stirring to start pursuing something I’ve always wanted to do with my writing: tell human stories.

If you’ve asked me what my dream job is anytime in the past 5 years I most likely said: travel around the world, and tell the stories of the people I meet.

Ordinary people. People whose stories you wouldn’t know about otherwise. People whose stories are gorgeous and tell of pain and suffering and hope and healing. People whose lives have been transformed by the love of others. I want to use my writing to give these people, and the organizations that care for them a larger voice in the midst of all the messages we get thrown at us today.

And in the past year, God has stopped allowing me to ignore this desire I believe he has put on my heart. It is constant. It is heavy. Yet, until recently I had no next step. I was blogging. I was meeting with people who work for non-profits and asking for advice, but I still felt stuck.

And then God showed up. Big time.

On November 17th, I’ll be joining a group of seven other incredibly talented creatives in India for a week-long photographic workshop called Light The World. The team will be led by humanitarian photographers Esther Havens and Austin Mann, who each have years of experience working with organizations to help them tell their stories.


During our time there, we will be partnering with an incredible organization called JOYN to tell stories of the restoration they are bringing to people in India. I will be working predominantly as a writer and collaborating with our photographers to capture the words to their images. It will be invaluable hands-on experience and training in the exact line of work I’ve dreamt about doing.

God is so good. I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that this is actually happening, and could not be more excited to take another step forward with my writing.

But, I would be lying if I said this was all rainbows and butterflies. There is fear. There is insecurity. There are lies being thrown at me left and right that say I’m not good enough, not cool enough. Saying that I have no right to be going on this trip, that I have no place here. That I should back out. That it’s dumb for me to think my measly writing could be used for something greater than I could imagine.

I’ve always been told that the attack comes when you start becoming a threat. And I feel that. I recognize that. I am moving forward. I am choosing to put aside fear and am taking risks. I’m investing time and finances into this trip that have already forced me to trust God more than I did three weeks ago. And the enemy hates that.

So, I’m asking you to pray for my time leading up to the trip and for our time in India. That we would fight for people, for what is true and right and good. For dignity and restoration. That we would give of ourselves and not be afraid to offer our gifts to be used for something greater.

I’m so excited to keep you updated on this whole adventure! You can make sure to not miss a thing by subscribing to receive my posts in your inbox on the right side of this page. For more frequent, shorter updates come hangout with me on Twitter and Instagram.

This all feels so big. But, that’s why I’m walking in to it.

It is big. But our God is so much bigger. And I can’t wait to watch the next step of his grand plan unfold.


*I mentioned above that this trip is a financial investment. If any of this resonates with you and you feel led to give financially, you can do so here

9 thoughts on “some exciting news

  1. i am so, so excited to get to know you in india. your obedience to walk through the doors jesus has opened is going to be such an enormous blessing to our team, and to the people whose stories you’ll be telling years down the road. you’re awesome!

  2. Beautifully said, Lindsay. You put into words the things I both hope and fear most. There’s comfort in the companionship that is created by simply saying, “me too.” Thanks for that. Looking forward to what’s ahead…and it feels like I’m holding my breath until then 🙂

    • Thanks, Sionnie. And you’re right- some of my most freeing moments have come when I share what’s going on and figure out I’m not the only one in that place. Glad you’re there with me… and pretty excited to walk into what’s ahead together. 🙂

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