looking back, looking ahead

Well, it’s been a while. That’s what a 10-day trip to India and Thanksgiving will do to you.

That today is December 2nd doesn’t make sense in my brain. It doesn’t seem possible. Yet, it’s true. December is here bringing with it holidays,  (hopefully) cooler weather, and the most appropriate time of year to watch Elf every day.

Last month, I shared my goals in an effort to hold myself more accountable for the things I say I care about. And well, there were some things I accomplished, and some I didn’t. After looking at the list, I noticed that most of the things I didn’t accomplish have to do with writing, and with taking the time to set up systems to be successful in that area. It was interesting to see that one of the things that’s most important to me is also the thing that is hardest for me to actually sit down and work on. Call it learning how to set helpful goals, call it insecurity and fear. Call it interesting and growing.

As I’ve mentioned, this month held a huge trip to India for me (which I’ll be sharing more about soon!), and I think I overestimated myself and what my energy level would be during and after that trip. After spending 10 days with people going non-stop, this introvert needed about a week to recover. So, here’s to allowing myself more time and space to process the larger things in life.

Here’s an overview of how each goal went down:

Goals for November: 

– Plan an editorial calendar for this blog- take initiative in writing, instead of it only being a reactionary tool. This just didn’t happen. I didn’t make time for it at the beginning of the month, and then I was off to India and now it’s December. One note about this goal (and the one below), is that they’re both geared toward setting up systems for me to operate within. One thing I did learn from looking back at this list, is that the most important things need long-term solutions if they’re going to be sustainable. Writing is something I would hope to continue for a long time, so any goals I have concerning writing from here on out will be focused on creating better systems for myself. 

– Schedule out one time slot in my week that is dedicated to writing. See notes above. 

– Find a great scented candle.  Done! Found a great fresh scent that I love from Meyers. 

– Surprise Taylor for his birthday. Done! Surprised Taylor with breakfast the morning of his birthday. Was fun to spend a slow morning together before I headed to work. 

– Read Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast and The Sun Also Rises. I’m still working on this one. About 2/3 of the way through A Moveable Feast. Another example of overestimating my energy level before, during and after big events. 

– Paint once. Didn’t get to this one. Painting is one of those things that I’ll get a craving to do every so often. If I don’t jump on it right away, it will fade for a while. It’s not something that takes precedent, so when life happens it tends to take a back seat. 

– Bake my grandmother’s pumpkin chocolate chip bread. It. Was. Delicious. 

Looking forward, here are my goals for December: 

– Create a system for writing that is a) realistic and b) life-giving and not obligatory.

– Finish reading A Moveable Feast. Begin reading The Sun Also Rises. 

– Not wait until the week before Christmas to buy gifts- don’t give in to the stress that our culture often associates with the holidays.

– Exercise at least 2 times a week.

– Cut out social media on the weekends- be present with the life happening around me.

– Carry on my family tradition of making sand tarts.

Do you set goals? What are your goals for this month? 

2 thoughts on “looking back, looking ahead

  1. Hi Lindsay, I found your blog off Hayley’s December goals link up. I’ve read A Moveable Feast before, too, and it took me a lot longer than I thought it would! I also like what you said about creating a writing system that is life-giving and realistic. When I set schedules, I make myself a slave to them sometimes, instead of making them work for me – which just stresses me out more. I feel obligated to do x number of posts, when really, I need to do it out of love. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Whitney, yes! I’m the same way when it comes to schedules. They often become a burden, when I overestimate what I’m able to accomplish in a day and still keep my sanity 🙂 I’m definitely working on finding the balance between working really hard, and taking care of myself in the process. I hope writing becomes more life-giving for you as you’re figuring out your balance!

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