I’m sitting at my kitchen table staring out the glass door into our backyard after a slow morning of drinking tea, and reading while curled up in a blanket on my couch. My tongue is stinging from the steaming mug of hot chocolate I’ve been hesitantly sipping on, and my nose is taking big whiffs of the sea salt candle burning. The scent traveling through my nose and gently relaxing my whole body.

It’s quiet in the house except for the sound of our 20 year old washing machine, and Rio barking at squirrels in the backyard. He wanted to go outside even though it’s dark and drizzling, and after a few minutes of him pleading with me,  I reluctantly let him out knowing I was signing myself up for mud duty later. For the past 15 minutes, he’s been sprinting back and forth across our yard, reveling in the freedom of being outside, and only taking breaks to drag around a stick twice the size of him.

Sometimes, after a long week with a full schedule, I feel like I need permission to rest. I need permission to slow down, to stop going, to stop running my brain. I need permission to take time by myself, and not make phone calls or hang out with friends or even go to a coffee shop.

One of the reasons I love Austin so much is because we get on average 300 days of sunshine a year. I love the sun. But on days like this lazy Sunday, I’m thankful for the rain, and its whispers of “rest” into my mind, soul and bones. It’s presence acts as affirmation to my heart: rest is good. You’ve been going 100 mph this week, and it’s time to slow down. It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok. Let Me refresh you, and give you new life. You are enough.

Happy Sunday.

P.S. – Remember that time I said I was signing up for mud duty? I wasn’t kidding.


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