my life for the last month

When I think on all that has happened in the last month, it feels a little impossible. I’m pretty convinced that somewhere in there God slowed down time to enable everything to get done. 

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks, I’ve been working on this. The company I work for branded this event, so needless to say we’ve all been working late nights for the last month. The event happened this past week, and all the hard work was worth it when I realized that David Robinson was sitting right next to me at dinner on the last night. Yes, THE David Robinson. Taylor told me he wouldn’t believe it without a photo, so here you go. Please note that he is bending down a little in this picture, and I am definitely standing on my tip toes so we could both fit in the frame. 


And somehow, in between the working until midnight and feeling like I didn’t do anything else except sleep, eat, work, repeat for an entire month, some other pretty great things happened. While they seemed stressful at the time, looking back I’m so thankful that they happened when they did because Lord knows I needed some happiness mixed in with my stress. 

Here’s a little recap of last month’s little moments of greatness: 

In January, my dear friend Katie asked Taylor and I if we would run the Warrior Dash with her in March. If you haven’t heard of this race, it’s similar to a Tough Mudder where you run, go through obstacles and ultimately, get really really muddy. Never ones to turn down an adventure, we obviously agreed. Plus, we got free beer at the end of it. I mean, what more could you want? 

It was a blast- climbing walls, running through mud, sliding down mud slides, crawling under barbed wire, trail running. Most of all, it was fun to do something new with two of my favorite people on this planet. 

IMG_5828Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 10.23.08 AM

The next weekend, one of my roommates from college, Rachel, got married in Dallas. My senior year I lived in a house with 10 girls, on a street in Austin named Enfield. Thus, we now refer to ourselves as Tenfield. Since graduating, we’ve kept in touch and made it a point to have reunions every so often. As you may guess, a wedding is a perfect opportunity for a reunion. Rachel looked gorgeous, and it was a blast getting to catch up with these great friends, and take way too many pictures in the photo booth. 

Yes, we still love Texas.
Yes, we still love Texas.


The next day, my sister-in-law Lindsay, got engaged! I mean, talk about a wedding weekend. My in-laws held an engagement party at their house on Saturday night, and it was just wonderful. Lindsay was so surprised, and so happy. It was incredibly special to be there, and get to celebrate Perry joining the family! 



And then last weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, Corrie, who is getting married in June. As tired as I was, I loved it. It was great getting to know her good friends better, and to host people in our home- something I’m hoping to do more now that work isn’t as crazy. We drank mimosas, ate four different kinds of cheese, fruit, and of course, chips and salsa. My mother-in-law, Betsy, baked the most delicious, gooey chocolate cupcakes and they were a complete hit. It’s such an honor to get to walk with my sister through this season, and I’m glad I could stop for a little bit last weekend to celebrate her. 


So, there you have it. My life lately has consisted of work work work, weddings, and getting really muddy. As relieved as I am that a slightly slower season is coming, I’m thankful for the last few months as well. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I react in these seasons- something maybe I’ll share here after I’ve had a little more time to process- and learned that I wouldn’t have made it without my family and friends supporting and cheering me on the whole way. They are truly a gift, and the time I got to spend with them in the past month is how the Lord encouraged me and kept me going. 

Here’s to seasons. The first four months of this year have been a little crazy. Yet, it’s in the crazy that I’ve learned to look harder for the little daily gifts, the little moments of joy and celebration and peace. I’ve learned to listen and sit more in those moments as they implore me and strengthen me to persevere. 

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