three times her age

My mom turns 50  29 today. Last week she rode the MS 150, a 150 mile bike ride that begins in Houston, and two days later, finishes in Austin.


For all those keeping track at home, that’s three times as many miles as years she’s lived.

So basically, she is the coolest 50-year old I know.

We cheered her on at the finish line, watched her ride the last 100 yards down Congress Avenue and then met up for pictures, hugs and stories.

I mean seriously, look how awesome she is. All smiles after 150 miles.



BP Team for the win.

I am really proud of my mom. 

Not just because she woke up in the wee hours of the morning to ride a bike 150 miles over 2 days on terrain that is incredibly hilly. Although, that would be enough.

Mostly, I’m proud of her because of the 50 years she’s lived, and of how she’s not slowing down. The mentality of living life to the full doesn’t end simply because we grow older, and I’m so thankful to have a mom who is not just pressing on, but pressing in to her life. Pressing in to her work, to her community, her family, her own dreams. Becoming more and more present as the years go by.

Life is a miracle. It’s meant to be lived fully and adventurously. Spent stepping out and risking, doing things that make you afraid, learning to trust and love more. Life is meant to be celebrated.

Here’s to you, Mom, on your 50th birthday. I’m celebrating you today.



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