a prayer for the in-between

Today is the day in-between. In-between the trauma and the triumph, in-between death and life, in-between “it is finished” and “he has risen.”

A group of my close girlfriends were sharing what was happening in our lives this week, and as we prayed for each other I couldn’t help but think that maybe we’re all living in a season of in-between. The in-between isn’t pretty. It can be muddy, confusing, and hurtful. It’s so easy to be paralyzed by fear here. It’s so easy to lose hope.

In the in-between, in the middle, we don’t know the full story. We don’t know that redemption might be just around the corner. In the middle, it can seem like God forgot. It can feel like this life, this pain, this struggle is for nothing. We start to believe that we’re going to live in a Saturday world forever; Sunday is never actually coming.

I’m in the in-between, too. I’m feeling and navigating my way through the confusing in-between, carrying my questions and fears, daring myself to hope that maybe, just maybe, there is true life somewhere in the middle.

So today, a prayer. A prayer for all of us in the in-between, all of us clinging to the glimmer of hope that Sunday is, in fact, coming.

You came to give us life to the full. Let us accept the fullness of joy you offer alongside the fullness of pain. Remind us of the sacrifice you made on Good Friday, and the victory you won on Easter, but let us not miss Saturday. May we trust you with the messy middle. May we fix our eyes on you, and not on our circumstances. Remind us that You are the answer to our deepest longings. When we’re tempted to give up hope, to believe that you forgot, remind us of your humanity, of the suffering you endured on our behalf. Remind us that you are here in the in-between, so we need not fear. Give us the strength to take the next step forward, to follow you even when we can’t see where you’re leading us. Let us trust you with the middle, and cling to the promise that a new day is coming. Indeed, it has already come. 


One thought on “a prayer for the in-between

  1. ….the ‘in-between’ is what makes us who we are…thank you for sharing as always and being vulnerable- it is a beautiful trait and one God is using in you to touch and minister to others. I love you, Mom

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