a collective deep breath

Sometimes, I wish everyone – the whole world – would stop and take a collective deep breath. Let’s all be still, just for a second. Look up at the clouds and make shapes, listen to the silence or linger at the dinner table. Have nothing to do and just be.

Sounds idealistic, I know.

I learned something about myself in the past few weeks: most of the time, I’m waiting for that ideal scenario – you know, the one where everyone slows down to breathe – to become a reality. Then, I think, then I’ll have time to really enjoy life. Then, I’ll have time to pursue passions and dreams. When all the menial, daily tasks and obligations of life cease, that’s when the fun really starts. A clear schedule, a blank slate, that’s what I really need.

It’s amazing the ideal has survived this long when in my almost 28 years of life that’s never. actually. happened. ever. Not once has there been a season with absolutely nothing going on. Not once have I ever said, “When this (insert very time consuming aspect of life here) is over, then I’ll feel better” and had that statement actually come true. Life is motion, yet I’ve honestly still been expecting it to slow down at some point.

I can’t believe that lie anymore. It’s not good for my heart. There’s a desperate longing in my soul for True Rest that I’ve been trying to feed with a deceptive hope of a clear schedule.

So, I’m trying to pay attention. I’m trying to watch my Jesus, to see how he does it, how he works and rests. I’m asking him to show me the unforced rhythms of grace, in assured hope that He is the true rest my soul has been longing for.

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