summer in the city: sno-beach

Whoever came up with the idea of a sno-cone is genius.

I mean, crushed ice and pure flavored sugar in the form of syrup. What more could you want on a hot summer day?

Following one of our Barton Fridays a few weeks ago, my friends Ashley, Kate, Caroline and I made the trek to Sno-Beach. We were practically melting in the Texas heat, and it was really our only viable option. I think this could go without saying, but when it’s 107 outside, a diet of Sno-Beach becomes necessary to keep your body temperature at a reasonable level.

The ice is crushed perfectly. The syrup generously applied. Refreshment… and maybe a colored tongue for just $2.50.

Similar to my philosophy on Barton Springs, if you live in Austin and haven’t tried Sno-Beach, you are wrong. The loved trailer just celebrated their 20th year in this city, and they make a mean sno-cone. You’ll find them in various part of Austin – namely on Barton Springs or Guadalupe – so you really have no excuse.

If you’re out and about this weekend, I recommend trying one of their awesome flavors. My favorite is tangerine and coconut with fresh lime juice.

Have a great Friday.

summer in the city: baseball

I was raised to love baseball.

My dad grew up in the Philadelphia area, and is a huge sports fan. Naturally, he passed along his fandom to us.

Yes, that’s correct. I’m a Philadelphia sports fan. And proud of it.

I’ll follow the Eagles, the Flyers, the 76ers… but I’ve always had a special love for the Phillies.

Every summer during my childhood was spent in Pennsylvania visiting my grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins. We would spend a week in Ocean City New Jersey- our days consisting of boogie boarding and building sand palaces, and our nights consisting of my aunt’s wonderful cooking and watching the Phillies.

Typically, our week at the beach would fall during their annual June slump, but we never left without at least a few  late game dramatics. I have vivid memories of my dad and uncle predicting walk-off home runs by the most unlikely of bench players, only to go crazy moments later when it actually happened. We always said they missed their callings as sports commentators.

We would go to The Vet and sit in the 700 level with the rowdy fans. We’d buy pistachios from the best pistachio-selling lady in all of sports. We’d laugh at the Philly Phanatic. I even caught a foul ball at a game on my 8th birthday. My dad and I were sitting in my uncle’s season ticket seats. He never let me live that one down.

As a junior in college, I watched Brad Lidge complete his perfect save season and clinch the 2008 World Series by striking out Eric Hinske while listening to Harry Kalas call the whole thing. I was curled up on my couch, eyes locked on the TV screen, holding my breath, by myself. When they won, I immediately called my dad and brother with tears in my eyes and our voices were all collectively shaking with excitement.

That Christmas, my brother got the 2008 Phillies season video as a present and we all huddled around the couch to re-live the glory again. When it ended, we were all misty-eyed.

Often times, living in Texas, I am alone in my love of the Phillies (except for my family). I’m thought of as a crazy person when I tell people I cheer for Philadelphia teams and can’t. stand. the Cowboys. But, I’m ok with it. Philadelphia… sports… loving these games is in my blood and there’s no where I can live, and nothing anyone could say that will change that.

I haven’t been able to make a Phillies game in a few years. So, a few weeks ago when one of our friends had an extra ticket to a Round Rock Express game I jumped on it. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and this was the closest thing to a major league baseball game I could get my hands on.

So, I effectively crashed guys night at the ballpark. Complete with my very own soft pretzel.

Taylor's wearing the wrong team's hat in this photo, but hey.. marriage is about compromise.
Taylor is wearing the wrong team’s hat in this photo, but hey.. marriage is about compromise, right?

photo 3

summer in the city: live music

It’s about time I wrote one of these again. I know you’ve just been dying over there with no knowledge of how I’ve been spending my summer.

Austin has dubbed itself the Live Music Capital of the World, so it really would be criminal of me to not sweat through see a show before all the college students get back in town.

Last night one of our favorite bands, The Friendly Savages, opened for Seryn at the Parish. Taylor won free tickets with his outstanding skills on Twitter, which made the experience a little more enjoyable considering it was still 95 degrees outside at 9 pm.

But in all seriousness, the concert was awesome. The Friendly Savages are a summer soundtrack for me- I’m pretty sure I listened to them on repeat for the whole 16 hour drive to Colorado earlier this month.  It was so fun to see them rocking out live.

And Seryn. They are pretty incredible as well, and will be coming out with their second album this fall.

Here’s a clip from last night of the Friendly Savages covering The Head and the Heart. The guy on the right? He’s my friend who rapped Macklemore. 

That’s correct: I’m friends with rockstars.

Happy Friday, y’all.