summer in the city: live music

It’s about time I wrote one of these again. I know you’ve just been dying over there with no knowledge of how I’ve been spending my summer.

Austin has dubbed itself the Live Music Capital of the World, so it really would be criminal of me to not sweat through see a show before all the college students get back in town.

Last night one of our favorite bands, The Friendly Savages, opened for Seryn at the Parish. Taylor won free tickets with his outstanding skills on Twitter, which made the experience a little more enjoyable considering it was still 95 degrees outside at 9 pm.

But in all seriousness, the concert was awesome. The Friendly Savages are a summer soundtrack for me- I’m pretty sure I listened to them on repeat for the whole 16 hour drive to Colorado earlier this month.  It was so fun to see them rocking out live.

And Seryn. They are pretty incredible as well, and will be coming out with their second album this fall.

Here’s a clip from last night of the Friendly Savages covering The Head and the Heart. The guy on the right? He’s my friend who rapped Macklemore. 

That’s correct: I’m friends with rockstars.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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