top five summer jams

Here’s the thing: today is my birthday. And as you’re reading this I’ll be celebrating my big 2-5 in Wimberley.

Now, don’t worry. I didn’t leave you hanging.

Just jump on over to my friend Peggy’s blog, Arbitrary Passions, where I wrote about my Top 5 Summer Jams.

Possibly the greatest photo of all-time. And I don’t just mean of me and Peggy.

Peggy is one of my favorite people on this planet. And if you like discovering music, she just might be your new best friend. Don’t worry about coming on too strong. She would be ecstatic about it. Peggy loves new friends.


Go check out Arbitrary Passions, and then get your summer on. Or at least get your I-have-a-really-great-playlist-for-Monday-at-work on.

As for me, I’m officially a quarter of a century old today… which feels like a big deal. So I’m off to jump in Jacob’s Well and enjoy a glass of wine.


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