one year

This past Monday, Taylor and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

I don’t even know how that is possible.

Time. It flies.

A friend of ours saw Taylor at work on Sunday and asked him if our first year of marriage had been a good year, or a hard year.

Later on, Taylor asked me the same question… just to make sure we were on the same page. We were.

It was a good year.

Yes. There were disagreements and fights. We got annoyed with each other. We’re learning how we are different and how to let those differences sharpen each other instead of wanting to pull each other’s hair out. We still have no idea what we’re doing with this whole being married thing.

But. I’ve also laughed harder and more often in the past year than I think I have ever. I’ve been challenged and encouraged to follow dreams in a way that puts my independent fears of getting married to shame. I’ve gotten to experience how Jesus comes out in a completely different person, and I’m more like Him because of it. We’re figuring out how to do this life together, and having a lot of fun along the way.

On Monday, we spent some time dreaming about the next year- intentionally voicing what it is we want, what we hope for, and desire.

On the surface, I’m a realist. I’m practical and logical, and we can’t do this right now because of this. But, in my heart of hearts, in my soul, I am a total dreamer. I love dreaming. It reminds me of how big my God is, of how he has crazier hopes and plans for our lives than I could ever think up.

And I love dreaming with Taylor- the one person who will intimately know the ins and outs of these dreams. He will see the hard work, the hundreds of little steps, the ordinary moments, the early mornings and late nights, the tears, the joy, the victories, and the setbacks.

Before I got married, I thought that a spouse would get in the way of my dreams. I could not have been more wrong. Instead, what a gift! What a gift it is to have a partner to chase after dreams with.

Together, we get to dream and hope and pray and then watch God show up.

And there is just something so special about doing that with the one you were created for.

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