day 7: a voice

Today is Election Day.

I haven’t said much publicly about this election, but I want to say this today:

I was standing in line at Randalls last week to vote when tears came to my eyes. I was scanning the line, and saw people from all walks of life. There were mothers with their children, businessmen just getting off of work, elderly in wheelchairs. There were people of every size, age and color, and I was overwhelmed by the gravity and beauty of it all.

This election has been a hard one for many of us, no doubt. We are all ready for it to be over. But, at the same time, we live in a country where we have the privilege to vote, for our voices to count. It’s a beautiful thing when you really think about it – that people who are so different have the ability to come together and choose their leader.

Many have died so we can have this privilege. Many around the world are currently fighting to gain this privilege because they aren’t afforded the same liberty we have.

Don’t believe the lie that your voice doesn’t matter. It does.

Don’t allow frustration or cynicism about the election to paralyze you from using your voice. This is too important. We all need your voice.

I believe in us, today. We can do hard things. Use your voice and cast your vote.

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