day 9: neighborhood coffee

This was my view Tuesday morning at the neighborhood coffee shop. I took this photo around 8am, and you would’ve thought it was mid-morning the way the coffee shop was buzzing. People working on laptops, reading novels, groups of friends chatting to the background of folk music and the friendly hellos of the baristas.

It’s the kind of place where you become a regular – where they know your name, and already have your small drip coffee going as they see you walk in the door. It’s filled with friendly faces, hellos, comfy leather couches, handmade wooden tables and a pretty impressive deer mount. It’s a place focused on fostering community, and you feel like family when you walk in.

I’ve read books, prepared for job interviews, met friends, had work meetings and wrote stories at this coffee shop. It’s part of the fabric of my life, weaving in and out of my days. Sweet memories have been created here. I’ve always wanted to be a regular somewhere, and I’m thankful for places like this that comfort, that feel like home.

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